Tomato First

Heinz ketchup has a very simple recipe for its unmistakable taste. So, does that mean people can make it at home? Well, if they had Heinz seeds, turn their garden into a plantation, accumulate over 150 years of tomato expertise and put tomato first in your life... Well, better leave that to Heinz.

Global campaign for the new Heinz ketchup concept: Ketchup. But first, Tomato.

Agency: Africa Creative DDB ︎︎︎ Role: Creative, Art Director and Designer ︎︎︎ With: Bruno Antunes, Henrique Martins, Douglas Reis, Felipe Cury, Philippe Degen, Rafael Carvalho, Tiago Daltro, Kauê Barbosa, Greg Kickow and Sergio Gordilho ︎︎︎ Film Director: Felipe Mansur ︎︎︎ Producer: AliceFilmes ︎︎︎ Audio: Supersonica ︎︎︎ Illustration: Black Madre

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