Roadtruck View

Quarantine. While millions of people are at home, truckers are on the road. Passing through a countless beautiful scenarios of the Brazilian environment that only they know well: the mountains ranges. On World Environment Day, we took the public of Volkswagen Trucks on a trip through the main Brazilian mountains on Google Street View where several Volkswagen trucks pass daily.

Did you enjoy the views?

Stay at home. Travel with us.

︎︎︎ Serra do Rio do Rastro
︎︎︎ Serra do Corvo Branco
︎︎︎ Serra de Teresópolis
︎︎︎ Serra do Mar
︎︎︎ Serra da Bocaina
︎︎︎ Serra do Roncador
︎︎︎ Serra do Marçal
︎︎︎ Serra da Aliança
︎︎︎ Serra Gaúcha
︎︎︎ Serra Bonita

Concept, Art Direction and Design

Adriano Sato and Iron Brito