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Roadtruck View
for Volkswagen

Quarantine. While millions of people are at home, truckers are on the road. Passing through a countless beautiful scenarios of the Brazilian environment that only they know well: the mountains ranges. On World Environment Day, we took the public of Volkswagen Trucks on a trip through the main Brazilian mountains on Google Street View where several Volkswagen trucks pass daily.

Did you enjoy the views? Stay at home. Travel with us.

Serra do Rio do Rastro ︎︎︎ Serra do Corvo Branco ︎︎︎ Serra de Teresópolis ︎︎︎ Serra do Mar ︎︎︎ Serra da Bocaina ︎︎︎ Serra do Roncador ︎︎︎ Serra do Marçal ︎︎︎ Serra da Aliança ︎︎︎ Serra Gaúcha ︎︎︎ Serra Bonita

Role: Concept, Art Direction and Design ︎︎︎ With: Adriano Sato, Iron Brito and Marcelo Nogueira ︎︎︎ Agency: AlmapBBDO

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︎︎︎ Incredible places that were incredible to travel to even on Google Street View

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