Oxente Your Agency
Personal Project

In Brazil, São Paulo is the hub of big clients and major advertising agencies. Talent flocks from different parts of the country to work in the city. We fought the lack of information about other regions of Brazil creating an Instagram profile featuring advertising talent that came from the North and Northeast of the country.

And that was just the beginning of the project.

Role: Project Partner, Art Director and Designer ︎︎︎ With: Arthur Melo, Guter Sá and Alan de Sá ︎︎︎ Audio: Canja Audio Culture

︎︎︎ Case study of the beginning of the project

︎︎︎ And the internet project turned into a face-to-face event at the Miami Ad School, one of the best creative schools in the world. Creatives from the North and Northeast were invited to participate in conversations, during which they shared their experiences about their professional journeys. We also took this opportunity to create posters telling what Oxente is and discussed the origins of North and Northeastern idioms and demonstrated how our dialect has evolved over time

︎︎︎ A few months later, we organized a second event, now at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. This time, we assisted creatives in showcasing their portfolios to individuals from the same regions of the country. The event received coverage on the front page of two of the main media outlets covering advertising in Brazil