A short film to honor 10 truck and bus drivers from north to south of Brazil.
Written and produced in quarantine, entirely remote. Aired on YouTube,
IGTV and 46 Instagram stories from Volkswagen Trucks & Bus.

Literally, Histories.

Tip: use the headset before playing.

Agency: AlmapBBDO
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Nogueira

Creative Director: Iron Brito
Copywriter: Adriano Sato
Art Director: Gabriel Moniz
Film Directors: Igor Selingarde and Diego Locatelli
Producer: Sugarcane Filmes
Audio: RAW Audio

In the stories, we divided the short into 46 video stories
posting the content for 20 hours through out Driver's Day.

We broadcast each story according to the time
that the situations happened on the character's
trip. If it was 6am in the story, this was the time
the content was aired.

We made a poster like save the date and then developed a poster
for each character, celebrating the participation of each one.