The Magnificent Caps

In Maranhão, a state at the northeast of Brazil, people have a peculiar way of speaking called “Maranhês”, kind of a Portuguese dialect. In this context Magnífica was launched, the first beer born and raised in Maranhão, with production and distribution only in the state, a low budget beer for middle and low-income consumers Magnífica was born to value the local culture and also celebrate the Maranhão way of life. To communicate the launch of a low budget beer with a no budget idea. A collection of Whatsapp Stickers in the shape of a beer cap, with message that just someone from Maranhão could ever understand.

Art Direction and Design

Cidália Tugeiro, João Urubatan, Pedro Miranda, Moisés Sousa, Danilo Blume, Bruno Sousa and Felipe Dasmasceno



Brazilian Creative Club
In Book | Digital | 2019
Shortlist | Branded Content | 2019

Prêmio Colunistas Brasil
Shortlist | Alocoholic Beverages | 2020
Shortlist | Digital | 2020

Prêmio Colunistas Norte-Nordeste
Grand Pix | Digital | 2019
Gold | Digital | 2019
Gold | Harnessing Mobile Media | 2019
Shortlist | PR | 2019