In Maranhão, a state at the northeast of Brazil, people have a peculiar
way of speaking, called “Maranhês”, kind of a Portuguese dialect.
In this context Magnífica was launched, the first beer born and raised
in Maranhão, with production and distribution only in the state, a low
budget beer for middle and low-income consumers

Magnífica was born to value the local culture and also celebrate
the Maranhão way of life. To communicate the launchof a low budget
beer with a no budget idea.

A collection of Whatsapp Stickers in the shape of a beer cap,
with message that just someone from Maranhão could ever understand.

The strategy to make the idea become viral was simple: we sent
the sticker to the sales team. They sent to the bars and restaurants
owners, who sent to thei customers, who spread to the whole Maranhão
in a few hours. The stickers wen so viral that we came up with
a next plan, to transform them into real caps. And the best thing
happened: people began to ask for it in the social media.

︎︎︎ Agency: Phocus
︎︎︎ Creative Directors: Danilo Blume and Bruno Sousa
︎︎︎ Head of Art: Moisés Sousa
︎︎︎ Copywriters: Cidália Tugeiro and Pedro Miranda
︎︎︎ Art Directors: Urubatan, Gabriel Moniz and Felipe Damasceno.